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Di Merrick

My name is Diane Merrick and I’m the founder of Supporting Change.

A brief history of my spiritual journey.

A nurtured religious childhood gave me love and stability, but something within me always questioned. I wanted to laugh in church and yet the doctrine was often foreboding. I found my self questioning the teachings and by the time I was 16 I was forming my own opinion of what God meant to me.

I didn’t recall at the time any spiritual happenings but always held a fascination of the non-physical world. My son was born in 1995, wow what a turning point. By the age of 3 he was telling me what he saw and I was hiding under the covers. I needed to step-up. He shared an innocent truth and I chose never to undermine or deny what he was experiencing

As the years progressed and his abilities were apparent, I knew that I needed help and each time I spoke to anyone they directed me to this or that place or person, none of them felt right. So I needed to know more, I needed to wake up.

After reading a book on animal communication, I knew this was something I had to do. I read book after book, and attended a weekend course. It was so easy I realised I had done this all my life. The instructor told me I was an empath, I could tell her all her physical issues with accuracy. I could sense the issues with animals, I could feel their pain. I needed to learn how to heal them. Another journey several healing techniques later I was professionally working as an animal communicator and healer. I was naturally able to work distantly – it was easy.

A friend asked me to join a meditation group, a small group with a medium who was to support me in those foundation years. I’d found someone who understood, and that started the rocket to the moon and beyond I realised that I had been gifted as a child as I went back to see what I was capable of at 6 years old and I knew the day I shut the door to the spirit world, an innocent comment from my parent, “don’t be silly they do not exist!” I was learning about myself and trusting in my abilities. But I still wanted guidance for my son.

It took a further two years before I found a mentor for both of us. I found that with this style of teaching I could open my wings and fly. Yes some techniques were less easy, but I found my connection to my spirit guides and loved ones easy. More guides came forward to help me, until one day I acknowledged that I would dedicate my years to supporting and awakening those that were asking for spiritual knowledge. I am a qualified primary school teacher although this was something that I chose not to peruse it gave the skills to facilitate learning for all levels on a practical level.

An then came Quantum. In December 2012, Ash and I witnessed a phenomenal event, we were outside and looked at this enormous moon. The moon had a circle rainbow around it, and from that rainbow orbs or energy droplets were falling. I knew this was change, I could feel it. I learned from my guides what these energies were, frequencies which hold a vibration that is accessible to all but not understood by all. Some talk of DNA activation, others of accelerated learning, my guides over the last 4 years have allowed me to assimilate and use these energies.

Being Quantum is acceptance it is being human and spiritual and living the connection. When you understand the spiritual world and appreciate that this can be accessed whilst living here on earth the potential is limitless. Your knowing, your healing, your connection is real because the reality of human is the reality of being spirit.

Nicky Rawle

One day when I was about 5 years old, I was sat in the back of the car, when I became aware there was a boy sat next to me. I happily chatted to him, my mum asked me, “who are you talking to?” “His name is Albert,” I replied, “he’s my friend”.

My mum and Nan just looked at each other, but thankfully never once told me he wasn’t real. I was aware only I could see him and looking back as many children do, I had got myself an imaginary friend.

For many years he was with me, my Nan used to lay a place at the table for him and my mum would wish him a good night if he was sat on my bed at bedtime. Luckily, they just accepted it, and for that I am so very thankful.

As time went by, I became aware that Alb, as he prefers to be called, was not the only ‘imaginary person’ I could see and hear. I could see my granddad who was in spirit with whom I was very close, I could also see random other people that I knew no one else could see.

I was about 8 or 9 years old when I realised, I was different. On asking my friends what they could see or hear they told me they were unable or didn’t think they could see ‘the people’ I could; so I decided I had to keep it to myself. Even though my family allowed me my ‘friends’ the outside world was not so allowing.

As I got older maybe through my teenage years, Alb stepped back to allow me to move forwards on my journey to learn for myself. It is not cool for a teenager to have an ‘imaginary friend’ apparently. But as time went on I was aware that I was still seeing people that others couldn’t. A lady that was wearing a long black hooded coat, stood at the end of my bed. My Nan passed 6 weeks before my first son was born but she came to see us on that first night. I always had the feeling that there was someone with me.

Then about the age of 32 I was aware that as I was travelling someone was looking out for me, I regularly heard someone shout ‘TRACTOR’, and as I turned the corner there was a tractor or a horse or a car. After about the third time of this happening I realised, I might need to start listening. Call it intuition or whatever you like, but I could definitely hear the words they were saying. It was different to my own thoughts, it was like it was being shown to me in UPPER CASE letters, where as my own thoughts were lower case. The more it happened the harder I listened. I was starting to acknowledge there was something else, something more I just didn't know what.

Over the coming years I spent a lot of time visiting spiritual mediums, going ghost hunting and becoming more interested in things like tarot cards and crystals etc. Every medium I saw told me how gifted I was and that I should go sit in circle. This for me filled me with horror, I was not comfortable with going to such events or even spiritualist church, it just didn’t feel right for me.

In 2012 a colleague at work invited me to a spiritual evening, I hardly knew her but something inside me said I must go. This evening was to change my life. I met Di and her son Ash, their presentation blew me away, I felt so comfortable that others could see and hear spirit and could answer so many questions that I had. I was so inspired.

Two months later whist visiting a medium I'd seen a few times, she suggested I got myself a mentor. She told me it was someone I had already met, but only just the once and that they would be able to help me to understand and develop my gifts. I knew who I wanted to guide me and thankfully my mentors took me under their wing and helped me to where I am today. Very early on Di talked me through a process that allowed me to meet my spirit guide, I was so pleased to find not only could I connect to him, I was excited to realise that I actually had already met him before, It was Alb my imaginary friend from childhood. He hadn't left me! he had always been with me I had just stopped listening to him, Now he helps me with everyday life, and my aim is to help others to find their way on their own spiritual journey as I carry on with mine.