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The Trauma to Tranquillity Mentor, Di Merrick, is an international healer, global speaker, author and Founder of the world’s most life-changing emotional detox process that Transforms Trauma into Tranquillity. Di believes that too many people are living their lives in a holding pattern of emotional and physical pain. It is causing depression, disease and destroyed self-worth that is devastating their lives and stealing their future, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Di founded the technique she uses today, when she was denied access to professional help. As chief witness in a court case that lasted over 2 years she needed a way to cope with the trauma. Triggers were everywhere, but there was no where to turn to. She needed to find a way to control her emotional reaction to survive the ongoing trauma and free herself from emotional pain. What she developed was lifechanging, the triggers were eradicated, her health improved, her life began to flow and she could feel happy again.

Having worked in the field for over 20 years, Di knows that once you let go of emotional default patterns, you free yourself and your mind to liberate your true self and know what’s right for you.

That’s why she is on a mission to take her Transforming Trauma to Tranquillity program to people all over the world who are ready to live pain free, trigger free, and be the person they want to be.

What People Say

These courses have helped me access
amazing aspects of my whole self.
Opening a channel to the spiritual being that is me.
Helping me towards spiritual enlightenment and being who I am meant to be.
Filling me with confidence and light. JC. 2018

I would explain it as a journey of spiritual learning, understanding and acceptance. SG 2018

This course is life changing! JP. 2018

If you have experienced any of these statements, your awareness of ‘something’ is already activated.

All these occurrences and many more are the hidden senses within you that you may choose to activate, to understand, and to control. These signals or messages are demonstrating a reality that is not physical; utilising the energy of spirit brings a life of joy, ease and an understanding of who you are.

Di Merrick and Nicky Rawle have collaborated their spiritual knowledge and understanding to present a comprehensive journey for you to reawaken to your spiritual self. They have a deep understanding of the spirit realms and the connection between the spirit mind and human mind.

Diane was unaware that she closed her spiritual abilities as a child only to reawaken after the birth of her own child. She is a qualified teacher but followed her passion to become an international animal communicator and healer. Nicky has been a natural intuitive from a very young age; in 2012 Di became her mentor and together they now present their unique approach to teaching you about your spiritual self.

Di and Nicky are passionate about helping people understand and connect to the spiritual essence of who they are. Whether this is dormant or active we support you to enhance your connection. Everyone has a spiritual essence but they do not necessarily activate it within themselves. You are not just your physical body, or your spiritual body, you are so much more. We are dedicated to supporting you to connect to your spiritual self and the limitless potential that the world of spirit provides.

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