Have you felt warmth in your hands or know you can heal someone?

Natural to some, learned by others, healing is a simple but multifaceted process.

For those with a natural ability there is a knowing, this knowing does not need a text book nor a teaching, this knowing just is. Many children have this knowing and yet the unaware adult may dismiss or ridicule the child and the awareness is withdrawn. Withdrawn but not lost.

Healing is a gift that is open to all; we can learn techniques and connections to access the healing light of life, these energies (including Quantum) facilitate change in the body and mind.

Healing comes in many forms, a doctor or nurse, physiotherapist, psychiatrist, complimentary therapist and many more, but healing also comes from the spoken word, a smile or gesture of grace.

Those that choose to become healers many develop techniques to transfer what is often known as Universal Energy to facilitate a healing. The healer has an ability to access these frequencies and send healing energy to an individual. For many healers, feedback in the form of temperature changes are experienced, heat or even cold. This feedback can be noticed from them or their client.

We are all energy, biological and physical in numerous forms. A journey of learning to heal both yourself and others whether that is with people or animals is rewarding and empowering.

We teach at your level, from inquisitive and having doubt, to experienced healers who are looking to enhance the technique they use and explore the multifaceted journey of healing.

Let go of surviving and Thrive in wellness

We don’t limit you – please don’t limit yourself. Allow us to support you.