Do you feel uneasy in some places?

Buildings are not just bricks and mortar, they are also an energy, the bricks were once sand, the timbers were once a tree, it was all living at one point.

So as with all energy it is able to hold an imprint, a memory or sorts that can be felt by some.. If a home is loved and has a happy family living in it, and happy things happen there, then these happy upbeat energies will be resonating withing the buildings energy. But what is a building is not cared for and starts to need repair? or there is unhappiness constantly happening within the walls, sadness, loneliness, anger, shouting and ranting? All that negative energy that is being emitted will be absorbed by the elements of the building.

When you walk into a room or building and you sense happiness and calm or negative and disease you are connecting through your energy body to the energy that is help or present in the room.. Understanding how your energy works and how you connect will help you interpret the energy of other people or buildings better.