Did you have an invisible friend?

How many children have had "an invisible or imaginary friend"

It is very common to hear younger children seemingly talking to themselves whilst playing quietly on their own. When asked they are very sure they are actually in the room with someone that the adult usually cant see.

Nicky had one from the age of 4 years old, and luckily for her she was never told he wasn't real, the family would entertain this playmate by laying a place at the table for him and asking after him as they could see that it was a comfort to Nicky to have him around. But so many people will scoff and tell their child its not real, or don't be silly, where in fact to the child that person or animal is in fact very real to them just because the adult cant perceive there might actually be someone there!

There are often reports that a child is talking to someone that cant be seen by the adult and when asked who it is they are talking to the child will reply that they are talking to a passed relative, a gran or granddad perhaps. So if this is your belief then why is an invisible friend anything different? could they too be spirits that are with us, help us, guide us?