Unlocking Animal Communication: Learning to Listen and Understand

"Learning to listen in a different way allowed me to communicate with my animals,

i'm so grateful to Di and Nicky for showing me how". AP

Animals are very uncomplicated creatures that see things without judgement, or negativity. They don't have a vocabulary like we do but can converse with us using telepathy. We teach you how to listen in a different way that allows you to connect with your pet easily.

Animal communication information.

Animal communication is open to all, anyone who wants to open their awareness and listen to the language of animals. A few years ago, the concept of animal communication to some was impossible, to others only accessible to psychics, healers or ‘gifted’ ones. As consciousness rises anyone can learn to listen.

Whether that is your beloved pet or a wild animal that needs human help, we teach you a simple, empowering technique that will change your life forever.

Do you ever wonder what your pet is thinking? Why they do ‘that’ behaviour? What do they really want?

We support you to let go of doubt and learn how You interpret the silent language of animals.

The benefits of animal communication are vast.

Animals teach us how to listen

Animals teach us how to hold a connection and to be present in the moment

Animals teach us seeing, sensing, touching, tasting.

We learn about their perspective

They can share messages or guidance

It builds a stronger bond as you learn to listen and understand your pet/animal

They teach us compassion and forgiveness

The first part of this module, we connect with animals in person.

We do this by helping you to connect to yourself and then the animal.

Many animals are told what to do, we teach you how to listen to their thoughts.

It builds greater understanding and connection. Life will not be the same again.

The second part is conducted online via zoom. We connect with animals from a photograph and also to those that have passed to spirit.

Connecting distantly means that when you're away you can hear them and they can hear you. Connecting with animals in spirit can bring comfort and understanding to those who’ve lost their loved ones.

In both modules we honour animals for their vital role in our existence. Join us, book your place, do not delay spaces are limited.

The benefits of developing your awareness through amongst others

Clairaudience – hearing

Clairvoyance – seeing


Sensing emotions

Sensing smells

Sensing taste

Remote viewing

Automatic writing



Connecting with animals in spirit

Connecting with animal guides

Teaching us how healing can be

Connecting to another consciousness

Teaching us what transition really means

Understanding our role in the universe



Living in the now

Letting go


Unconditional Love

We teach you a telepathic link (this is the way spirit communicate)