Channelling Info.

Channelling Info

What is the difference between Psychic, Mediumship, Clairvoyance and Channelling?

All of the above have the ability to use extrasensory perception to gain information hidden from normal senses.

The word medium means middle man – spirit communicates through the middle man to the third person, if you are a medium you are the person in the middle.

Psychic medium – tends to read the person and their energies and connects to spirit through the person. You ask/want to connect to the spirit usually this is the spirit of a loved one that has passed. Psychic mediums offer guidance usually from your family members or provide evidence of your loved one’s presence.

A clairvoyant has the same ability as the psychic medium but tends to use their ability to see (not through normal eye sight) in order to convey the messages. It is another name for a medium. They can also be a spiritual medium.

Spiritual medium – connects directly to the spirit and or the spirit of a loved one in order to convey messages. It is the spirit who wants to connect with the enquirer and will link directly to the spiritual medium rather than through the energy of the enquirer. Spiritual mediums will often bring messages from spirit from those not related to the enquirer. This type of message is more likened to what spirit wants you to hear.

Some spiritual mediums can also hold the ability to channel. Channelling is an overview, they channel everything, they channel the message of spirits.

A gifted translator (person who channels) permits their conscious mind to step aside thereby allowing the message of spirit to be directly given.

The deeper levels of channelling, the guide melds with energy of the translator to bring a direct telepathic message.

Depending on the spiritual connection there will be a bias of information, some spirit hold wisdom of science, others of philosophy, others of life and every-day living, earth issues and more; with some connections personal questions are permitted.

The art of channelling is spirits way of making the knowledge available to everybody. It is by kind permission that spirit can connect with the person delivering the messages (translator) thus allowing it to be heard by many ears.